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What is Test and Tag

What is Testing and Tagging?

Testing and tagging can be a confusing area for any business large or small. Many people are unclear about what it involves and why it should be carried out. To help people make an informed decision about whether they require tag and testing in Melbourne,we’ve compiled this comprehensive article containing everything you need to know.

Whether you own a small business with a few employees or large company with hundreds of team members, it’s important that you follow safety regulations. The workplace environment must meet Occupational Health and Safety standards in all regards. Electrical safety is a very large part of this. Regardless of your business type, in Victoria you fall under the 2004 OH&S standard that states an employer must “provide and maintain, for employees, a working environment that is safe and without risk to health”. WorkSafe Victoria has now recognised that test and tagging should be carried out by businesses to ensure safety of their employees and comply with OH&S.

365 Test and Tag guarantees the safety of your staff and customers by checking the electrical safety of your workplace, equipment and appliances. We utilise a series of processes in our OH&S electrical testing that determine any safety issues or faults. This information can then be used to implement changes that bring your business up to standard.

On average, 365 Test and Tag have found that 8% of electrical items will not pass an initial electrical safety test. This is due to any number of reasons, including frayed cords, broken cases, broken fittings or items that are being used for something other than their intended purpose. Test and tagging is now a huge industry with large numbers of companies providing OH&S electrical testing.Unfortunately, many businesses have encountered companies that provide sub-standard tag and testing in Melbourne. They’ve found that regulations had not been followed compromising the safety of themselves and the employees. As a result, 365 Test and Tag finds many dangerous faults that should have been picked up previously.

It’s important to do your research by reading company testimonials, asking for references and researching past clients. It’s also important to ensure that they are fully insured and have the necessary experience. The safety of you and your employees is very important, requiring that you choose the best testing and tagging company available.

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