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365 Test and Tag Melbourne Reports


We have developed our own in house asset tracking system, which allows instant reporting for our clients. A failure report is emailed to you whilst the technician is still on site, a technician can usually complete minor repairs/replacements on site. Once the technician has satisfactorily completed your job the data captured syncs via cloud to our office for one of our team to ensure data is correct and issue compliance paperwork there an then, no more waiting weeks for paperwork. See below for samples

The testing and tagging report is a very important part of our service. The report contains everything you need to know about the electrical safety of your workplace. We include full documentation of faulty items including photographs, locations and details of the fault itself. We’ll also provide you with information about the tests we have performed. This information will alert you to changes that need to be made to comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

It’s important to keep your testing and tagging report on file for future evaluations or to provide information on electrical items in your workplace, so we do that for you too.

Click Here For Sample Failed Item Report
Click Here For Sample Report
Click Here For Sample Asset Register